The Modernization of Bears

do you have what it takes to be a bear ?

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The Bear

  • Bears are mammals
  • Warm blooded
  • short/long claws
  • has hump/no hump
  • short/long ears

What makes a bear a bear?

A bear is a type of wild animal that uses its resources around him or her area. These wild animals are known as mammals. Mammals are any type of vertebrates. A bear is warm blooded and has long or short claws. There are different types of bears. Bears live in areas where its really cold, sunny or really rainy. But each bear is born with its own adaptation to its environment. A bear has a lot of fur. Giant pandas are know as a bear species and know as a mammal as well .The American black bear , Polar bear, Grizzly bear and much more are all known as mammals.

What makes a mammal a mammal ?

Mammals are the most populated and recent know species on the earth today . Mammals are known as humans , monkeys , dogs, dolphins, bears. Its anything that are known as vertebrates. What are vertebrates? Vertebrates are any animal that has a backbone or a spine. Mammals are mostly warm blooded. They also have to produce milk for there babies so the baby can grow stronger and be ready for it future.

Grizzly Bear

Grizzly bears are mammals and are part of the bear species. These type of bears live in forest. These bears is a majestic symbol of the wild. Grizzly bears have long nail about to 3-4 inches long. They have a hump on there shoulders and has short and rounded ears

Giant panda

Giant pandas are mammals and are part of the bear species. Panda bears are about the size of an American Black bear. Giant Panda bears mostly live in broadleaf and coniferous forest. Giant pandas live up to 20 years. They weight up to 180-280 pounds.There species are a huge threat today because of extintion.

American black bear

The American black bear are mammals and are part of the bear species. These are bears are about the size of a Giant Panda. They weight up to 180-240 pounds.They live in forest in North America . They have no hump in there shoulders. They have longer ears but shorter nails up to 0.5 - 1 in a half inches long .They reproduce during the summer.

Polar Bear

The Polar bear are mammals and are part of the bear species. Polar bears live in really cold areas like at arctic . They have really thick fur and it acts like a coat to keep them warm. They weight up to 550-1,320 but they can weight up to 1,700 pounds. They feed on fishes and seals but mostly seals. There population are up to 20,000 to 25,000 in the whole world.

what do they feed on?

Bears are mostly carnivores. Bears eat newborn animals like Elk, Dear,Moose and Fish.

Bear population

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