Skylab Missions

Kate Spencer

The Basics

  • May 14, 1973 was the first space station in the U.S.

  • The skylab had no crew. Crews were sent up to be tested.
  • A big reason for the station was to test people in space. They used 16 biomedical experiments.
  • This was tested over long durations.

The Skylab Station

  • This station was powered by solar panels.
  • Although shortly after this plane launched it's meteoroid shield tore off. This made the inside 126 degrees.
  • The first crew was sent up and fixed the shield, May 26 of the same year.

The Inside

Life on the Skylab

How the day went

    • They wake up at six AM.

    • Check for tasks on computer.

    • Perform tasks such as weighing, eating, and use the restroom.

    • They would also perform medical tests on themselves.

    • From 8-10 they had free time, one astronaut said that they mostly looked out of the window because that is the most fun.

The Missions

The first visitation was to fix the sky lab this lasted 10 days.

Mission 2: Led by Charles Conrad. This Lasted 26 days.

Mission 3: Led by Alan Bean on July 28, 1973. This lasted 59 days.

Mission 4: Led by Gerald Carr on November16. This lasted 84 days! A space record!


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