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What is Vocaroo?

Vocaroo is an online voice recorder. It allows users to create voice recordings to share digitally or through download.

Do we have access to this program?

Yes! It is free online and doesn't require a login or any software downloads.
Vocaroo Audio Recording

In the Classroom:


Read Aloud to Catch Mistakes

Prior to submitting a draft of an essay, students can to read the essay aloud in a Vocaroo recording to catch mistakes and hear their essay.

Practice Spelling Test

Teachers can record the weeks spelling words and dictation sentences as student practice during the week.


Students could record a retelling of a book or story after Read to Self or Read to Someone.


While reading or after finishing a book, students could "interview" a character. They could write a script and then record themselves conducting the interview!

In Science:

In Math:

Tips and Tricks

Students and teachers could record math tips and tricks.

Problem Solving Strategies

Students could record the steps they took to complete a math problem.

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