Ozone Depletion

Does ozone depletion cause climate change?

Does ozone depletion cause climate change or is there no link between the two because the ozone layer is not depleting.

The United Nation signed an agreement called "The Montreal Protocol" so that together they can try and close the Springtime Anarctic Ozone Hole and protect the ozone layer. Scientists have studied the holland say that since there is a hole in the ozone layer the winds are stonger so it is changing the southern oceans currents. One reason the ozone layer is thinning is chlorofluorocarbons which chemicals that are now banned. Scientists say even though they chemicals are banned, Carbon Dioxide is still a big reason because of the global warming. In the the two decades the treaty as been in place, 97% reduction in consumption of ozone depleting chemicals. Some scientists now say that the chemicals that are being replaced to help the ozone depletion are now worsening the Earths climate.


  • One pro of the Montreal Protocol is the depletion of the ozone layer has greatly decreased.
  • The ozone layer protects humans, plants, and animals from ultra violet rays that can cause much damage to us.
  • With the ozone layer recovering its strength it better protects the earth.


  • With the ozone layer depleting humans would have impaired immune systems, more skin cancer, and more cataracts due to the ultra violet rays from the sun.
  • Lower yields of key crops such as corn, rice, cotton, beans, and wheat.
  • A serious decline in forest productivity because many trees are very sensitive to the ultra violet rays.
  • Suppresses the immune system which makes humans more susceptible to infectious diseases and some types of cancer.
This video is a documentary about the depleting ozone layer. The video talks about some of the reasons the ozone layer is depleting and what happens when it does. Then it also talks about what we can do to stop the depleting and have a strong ozone.

By: Jordan Sanchez & Alex Brown