Soul Eater

Atsushi Ohkubo


Soul Eater is a series although this is book 19 i recommend all the others as well the main point is the miesters Maka, Black star and Death the kid along with their weapons Soul, Tsubaki Liz and Patti Need to collect 99 kishin souls and 1 witch soul but Kishins and witchs are a lot harder to fight than you think. If very hard for Maka, Soul, Black star, Tsubaki, Death the kid, Liz and Patti who are only 13 and 14 And if you fail at a mission you lose all of your souls!


Yes I recommend this story for people to read its a great series and one of the best anime I ever seen So I do recommend the anime to watch and the manga to read

Soul Eater A review by a knight- Miyah

In his madness, Death the kid has embraced a new notion of "order" in nothingness instead of symmetry! can there be true balance in nothingness? But for Black Star, being on equal footing with anyone not in his style. Black Star has always wanted to "transcend the gods" No is his only chance to battle his shinigami friend Death the kid and win if he wants to save him!

Death the kid to Noah

"I am a shinigami a real god and i deem you manner of ruling to be wrong everything in the world you say how is that any different from the trans symmetrical unity i landed upon in the thrones of madness I will show you a way bursting with beauty, If you survive that is

-Death the kid to Noah