About me!

By: Erin Gaydish

Things that describe me.

When I get home from school I like to sit back and watch tv. Sometimes when I'm bored and have nothing to do I talk to my sister or jump on my trampoline. Most of the time after school I go to my cheer practice for four hours. When I'm hunger I go to my kitchen and eat whatever I see that I like. I love my cats they are fun to play with i have a cat named smudge and hes so fluffy. When I'm outside I love to hang out with my friends. Most the time I'm on my phone texting all my friends. My phone is like my life if I don't have it I freak out.


  • Cheer
  • Watching Tv
  • Playing on my phone

Biggest influences on me

My biggest influence is about my grandpa he died when i was just maybe 7 or 8. I barley knew him but he was very nice. He would always give me candy and ice cream when i came to visit him. Now my grandma is all alone so her son has to help her out. It feels different without him. I always sit on the chair he died on even though it creeps me out a little bit. I don't even remember his name or anything. But he was very nice to me and my sisters.

Favorite book and movie

My favorite book would be Waiting for you. Its about a girl that really likes this guy and her best friend. She had at friend from the time she was little than one day they stopped talking. But they had to work together for school. She went too his house everyday and work on homework. Than one day the guy that she really likes broke up with his girlfriend and like a week later they went out. One day he started talking to his ex again.They broke up. It was a really good boo and i wanted to buy the series.

My favorite movie would be mocking jay. I really like the action. I love the song that goes to it to. I dont want to say to much.


"Do you wanna build a snow man"

From Frozen

Places I've been

I was born in California. I visit there every summer. All my family lives down there it gets lonely without my family around.