Advancing every day.

Technology during the red 1950's

With the baby boom coming up, and the suburbs forever expanding. William Levitt and Henry Kaiser used efficient, assembly-line methods to mass-produce houses. Levitt, who bragged that his company could build a house in 16 minutes or less in the U.S. In result the home-less got low-income homes, people could move out from the busy city's into suburbs. It really got the U.S.'s economy booming, and helped Americans truly live the "American life".

TV in 1949

Only two hours of programs were on a week, then in 1956 the FCC allowed more than 500 other stations to broadcast, which became known as the Golden Age in the U.S. They wanted more stations because they wanted to improve American life, and educate them about current events. It was really nice to have a TV back then, it was one of the best entertainment and showed that Americans were living the dream.