Lanham Lowdown

4th Grade News

January 16th, 2015

Important Dates

No School - MLK Jr.

Monday, January 19th

Spelling Test (Eye of the Storm words)

Friday, January 23rd

Yumz Orders Due

Monday, January 26th

Scholastic Book Orders Due

Thursday, January 29th

Yumz Day

Thursday, January 29th

Six Flags and Ozzie Reading Due

February 23rd

Our Newsletter Authors (and their selfies)!

Math - By: Gabby Whitfield

This week in math we learned about partial quotients and what to do with the remainders. When you are done with the problem for example ignore it, round it, do it as a fraction, or a decimal. We also learned about how to split candy equally between 4 or more people.

By: Gabby Whitfield

Language Arts with Aaron Beltramini

This week in Mrs. Lanham's class we are reading Ruby Holler and on the tablets we are reading How night came from the Sea. It's about Iemanja's daughter is sad because she was so used to the darkness of the sea, but she came up to live with her husband. She started to hate the light and felt bad for the farmers working all day. Everyone is reading there battle of the books and that's going smooth. My opinion is that everything in reading is going good and quiet and the battle of the books are going to the board quickly.

Social Studies-Ellie-Lighthall

This week in social studies we are making toys. First we did sketches. Then presented them to the class. Then we started making 3D models, and some groups finished and some didn't. We will be continuing on Monday.

Battle of the Books Information - The "Battle" will be in May

America's Battle of the Books is a national reading incentive program for students designed to encourage students to read selected books and have fun while competing with peers. All fourth grade classes at Conley are participating in this “battle”. While working on a common goal, the students will be reading quality literature. Each member of the team will have an individual list that they will be choosing books from to read. Students can read these books both at school and home. When they finish reading the book they will take notes on the book so they can share what they have learned with their team mates. If they do read all of the books on their own list, they can begin reading some of the other books. Each team is responsible for knowing about all the books, so the more they read, the more they can answer on the day of the battle. Teamwork and increased reading are the goals of this program.

The culminating activity is a fun filled day of competition. This game show format activity will show what the students know about the books that they have read. Each team will be asked questions about the characters, setting and plot of each book. The teams can even earn extra points if they know the authors of the books! We are very excited to be able to continue this reading incentive program. Let the battle begin!