#C6edtech Resources

Week of 1.11.16

Welcome to the latest edition of the #C6edtech Resources blog. There are so many exciting things happening with instructional technology in the Fox School District right now! The Board of Education recently approved the purchase of 1,300 new Chromebooks for students across the district to help bring all schools to a standard of technology integration. To go along with this, staff members around the district are beginning a conversation about what digital resources need to be made available so that the new technology in our schools is having as big of an impact as possible. Additionally, we are getting closer to the March 30th transition date for our switch to Gmail from Microsoft Outlook. If you have any questions be sure to talk to your building's Gmail transition leader or reach out to me.

Access Staff Resources on the District Web Page

In order to increase staff members' accessibility to important documents on the district web page, we have a Staff Resources section. Here you'll find information about benefits as well as resources posted about professional development, staff services, technology, and more. Click here for instructions on how to access the staff resources section of the district web page.

Connecting Personal Devices to District Wireless Internet

Many staff members and students returned to school from winter break with shiny new iPhones, Androids, Chromebooks, and computers. One of the most basic needs when bringing a new device to school is how to connect it to the wireless network. Staff members should connect their devices to the FOXstaffpersonal network and students in middle and high schools should connect their devices to the FOXstudent network. Click here for connection guides to help get your new devices connected to the district's Wi-Fi network.

Google of the Week

Access Google Doc Templates in the Template Gallery

Google Drive features a template gallery that is available to all Fox C6 users and contains documents designed for specific uses. Users can quickly make a copy of any template and create and share a document with it. Watch the video below for specific information on how to access the template gallery and use Google Drive templates.
Using the Google Drive Template Gallery