Mrs. Reichardt

8th Grade US History

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Conference Time: 8:44-9:36

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Classroom Expectations

Be Here.
Be Respectful.
Be Responsible.
Be Successful.
Be a Tiger!

Our Year at a Glance

We will begin our historical journey with European Exploration in the Americas. Traveling through time we will then discuss the American Revolution, American Independence, and the struggles of our Founding Fathers. As time marches on, we will learn about our Presidents, Industrialization and Expansion of our great country. We will conclude with the conflicts within America surrounding and leading up to the Civil War and Reconstruction.

1st Nine Weeks

Exploring the Americas
Colonial America
Life in the Colonies
Spirit of Independence
American Revolution
2nd Nine Weeks
A More Perfect Union
The Constitution
Federalist Era
Jefferson Era
Growth and Expansion
3rd Nine Weeks
Jackson Era
Manifest Destiny
North and South
Spirit of Reform
4th Nine Weeks
The Road to War
The Civil War