ELL- English Language Learners

Learn creative ways to get you talking!

The Natural Approach

Take the more Natural Approach for your young children to start speaking English in no time. Learn to create a stress-free learning environment by using visual aids, hands on manipulatives, and realia. Your child is our main focus to help build their confidence and self-esteem for a lasting positive experience.

Join me in making a difference in young lives!

Special Guest: Mrs. DawnMarie Carlson

Guaranteed to help your child build language skills the easy, natural way.

Frequently Asked Questions

We want you to feel comfortable asking questions about any concerns you may have. Is your Instructor certified? Yes: Our Instructor is Board Certified with over 17 years experience in Early Childhood Education. How will I know if this is the best place for my child? We offer a discovery day to allow you and your child the opportunity to see first hand results in the classroom.