Vietnam assignment

Kory Hayden and Jose Rosales.


The man I Killed in The things they Carried by Tim O'Brian, and the poem Thanks. The man I killed was about him remembering a young skinny vietnamesse he killed. While he was traumitized from the kill while his buddies were congradulating him. The poem thanks was about all the ways a man can make it out of war with the help of luck.

Important passages

From the poem it says "Thanks for the tree between me and a snipers bullet . . . Thanks for the dud hand grenade that was tossed at my feet" (1-2, 31-32).

From the chapter it says "Oh, man you fuckin' trashed the fucker," (O'Brien 126).

What Message are these Autors trying to convey to the reader about war? what is the impact the war has on people?

The authors are trying to show how war was, and how the men in war that were not killed or physically hurt, struggled a lot as they make it out. Another thing was how they made it out was unlucky situations that ended luckily to help them some how survive.

Image Analysis

This image shows that one is lucky to be alive but has to carry the burdon of seeing his friend die and carry him even though he probably wont make it home.
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Video Connection

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a daily struggle at home after the return from war. This video shows how he behaves and thinks do to PTSD.
Level Black - PTSD and the War at Home