Room 322 News

A weekly review

October 5-9

Hello Room 322 Families! Here's what we've been up to this week and where we are going next week:

Math: Math this week was heavily focused on coins (identifying, sorting, counting, etc.) Students have made great progress even just from Monday to Friday. Please continue practicing these skills with your child at home because we "spiral" this topic so they get practice with it at several times throughout the year. We will be starting on alternating between telling time and problem solving strategies next week.

Word Work: Words their Way is going well! Next week students will have a new word list in their agendas to practice at home.

Writing: We have continued working through writing projects by using the steps of the Writing Process (pre-write, drafting, revising, editing, publishing, sharing) and have started a new writing prompt about fall traditions. This will continue into next week.

Reading: Our main focus of the week for reading was asking and answering questions. During their 20 minutes of nightly reading, I would suggest having your child ask questions before, during, and after reading which will help deepen their understanding. Have them use question words such as who, what, when, where, why, and how (even better if they provide details from the story!) Next week's focus will be on how to recount a story.

Social Studies: Our unit of civics and government continued this week as we learned about services in our school and services the government provides us. Friday sharing has been really great also--very fun to see students excited to share a bit about home while developing oral speaking skills/confidence and actively listening to others.

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ENCORE Schedule

Monday: Art

Tuesday: Music

Wednesday: Science

Thursday: Guidance

Friday: Art

**With the book fair being over, please send your children with their library books as open checkout hours will be starting again Monday. I know it's been awhile since they've got new books so I will give a lot of opportunities to switch out books!**

Remember picture day is on Tuesday, October 13th!

Sharing this Week






**If you missed your sharing date, I will schedule your child later in the month and let you know. Please try to stay sharing on their scheduled day though!**

Coming Soon...

1. Pizza Hut Book IT Program: We are beginning the Pizza Hut Book It Program this week. For this, I will assign each student a goal for amount of books read by the end of the month. If they meet the goal they get a coupon for a free personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut (woo-hoo!). This should be a decently obtainable goal since homework is to read for 20 minutes each night anyway. In order for it to count, they must complete the reading log kept in their take home folder. Without proof, they will not get the coupon and there is only one coupon given per month (i.e. if your student reads over their goal that's awesome, but won't get them more pizza). Students have been briefed about this in class and I am more than happy to give more explanation if you ask!

2. Dragon Time: Our second grade team has been working very hard analyzing the reading data collected from testing last month to place children into their Dragon time groups. Every child will have 25 minutes of research-based, specialized instruction each morning that is tailored to fit their greatest need. These groups are flexible, and students may be moved between groups as teachers see their progression. Dragon Time will begin on Wednesday.

3.Picture Day is Tuesday October 13th

4. T-Shirt Order forms are due on Friday, October 16th.

5. Subway Fit for Life Cards--your child has an individual code listed on their card that was sent home today (there is no other copy of the code, so do not lose the card!) This is not something students are required to do--but if you complete the 14 day challenge you get a coupon for free Subway! Coach Sam has talked to students about it today so your child should know what to do, but she also told me she will be sending home a letter soon.

Conference Dates are Set!

Please let me know if any situations arise where you are unable to attend your previously scheduled time. Looking forward to seeing you all!

Class Dojo Update

In efforts to make class dojo the best possible behavior management tool for our classroom, I have slightly tweaked the reward system for students. The goal is still to get 30 points by the end of the week (which I'm happy to see quite a few students were able to do this week-others got extremely close!!!) and then they have a choice. They can either choose an individual prize (options being their student code, a fancy pencil, or to pick from the treasure chest) or they can turn their points into a monster for a whole class prize (Ms. Sivak bringing in snack!). When the class gets 25 monsters the whole class redeems the prize and it will switch to a different prize. I have already seen the positive effects this change has made because students have been more motivated to have good behavior regardless if they want an immediate end-of-the-week individual prize, or a delayed whole class prize!