Hidden Girl

An autobiography by Shyima Hall

Internal Characterization

This quote from the autobiography Hidden Girl by Shyima Hall explains her internal traits before she was put into slavery. "Before that fateful day I was a normal child in a large family in a small town near Alexandria, Egypt (Hall 1)."
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This picture shows some representation of a normal family in Egypt.

Historical Connection to an event

This autobiography explains some things that are happening to this day! And that is modern child slavery. In Hidden Girl it shows how she was abused and called names like, stupid girl, and barely got any food. Child slavery is still happening from kids never having a childhood and being verbally and physically abused.
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Vocabulary Words

Rumbled(Hall 76)- To make a continuous deep, resonant sound.

Antihistamine(Hall 55)- A drug or other compound that inhibits the physiological effects of histamine, used especially in the treatment of allergies.

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This quote from Hidden Girl by Shymia Hall shows her explaining the hospital room after she injured herself."Nothing hurt until the people carrying the litter began to head to the hospital. Then the blood started to flow and I became petrified with fear and pain. The only things I recall of the hospital itself are the bed I lay on and that the bed was in an enclosed room (Hall 7)."
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The Conflicts

Shymia had a lot of self + man and society conflicts.

When Shymia was working she started having a conflict wondering if she will ever see her family again or even if her family loved her cause they sold her into that life. This confused her and made her fight with herself if those things are true. This was her main conflict because it was always going through her mind during the whole story, and still is during her life now.

Shymia's main society conflict is how people never noticed her (eventually someone did). She could not say anything to them because she did not know any English. This was a problem to her because she would always go out with the captor's kids to watch them and she always wondered, and hoped, that someone would notice her.

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