Soccer Cleats

The History of the Soccer Cleat


When they first played the villagers would hammer metal spikes into the bottom of their boots. As soccer started gaining more popularity the soccer cleats became more slipper-like. When actual games were introduced the studs on the bottoms of the boot had to be rounded. The original soccer boots weighed 500 grams.


1940s-1960s: Soccer cleats became much more flexible and light when the manufacturers started using synthetic leathers. 1960s- Soccer cleats were introduced with a below the ankle design and adidas emerged as the leading manufacturer of soccer cleats. 1990s- NIKE came out with the Nike Mercurial which weighed only 100 grams.
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A Walk in Neuer's Shoes

An average day for Manuel Neuer starts with him going to practice for his soccer team Bayern Munchen. His practice involves rigorous goalkeeper training, in which he practices goal kicks, punts, throwing the ball, and blocking the ball. This training also includes foot skills and many quickness and agility drills. This training can last many hours, and is every day.