Create & Collaborate

Teachers - Teaching -Teachers

Innovative "Underground" Collaboration

Team Warwick is pleased to announce an opportunity for teachers to work smarter not harder. We are looking to provide an opportunity where we could invigorate your teaching practice. Our team's goal is to make sure that the potential to collaborate will be worth your time and have your needs be met.

Survey Says!!!

  • 93% of teachers already feel like they are collaborating
  • Collaboration is mostly beneficial with team partners at grade level
  • Collaboration is mostly done on the fly
  • Most respondents mentioned time as a huge factor of beneficial collaboration
  • Sharing resources, new tools, and developing lessons & units were on the top of teacher's need/want list

Our Journey

Have your voice be heard and your time be rewarding!

Our goals for a well structured collaborative experience:

  • Listening to & preparing topics based on your needs & wants
  • Having open conversation
  • Collaborating with other teachers
  • Making your time worthwhile
  • Developing tools, share ideas and create lessons
  • Utilizing tools to directly impact student learning

Create and Collaborate

We would love for you to be part of our expanding network of professionals working towards a common good of working smarter, not harder! Our team's plan is to start with a small group of colleagues and expand by asking each member to "BYOB - Bring a Buddy"! As we begin meeting it is our hope that each "stone" goes back to school - utilizes the new or tweaked tool - talk up your experience - and encourage a new friend to bring a buddy to the next meeting!

Like throwing a stone in the water, we hope that the ripple effect will take place and our Create & Collaborate community will grow and develop!