The many faces of a Sentence

By AJ Manley/Jumpenbean

The many Types

Now, there are many types of sentences in the world. They can be just fragments, or 2 fused into 1! Now, welcome to Sandwich Land! Wait...Wrong script...Just keep reading while I sort out my Script.


Now, this is just 3 sentence lists. I think your brains can handle it, so grab a pan and start smashing each other. Wait...wrong script. AGAIN. Aha! Read the sentence lists for the examples on each.

The list!


This is only around half of a sentence. It doesent completely...well, complete, because it's incomplete...yeah, I'm bad at working. ;-;

Ex. -Even though you studied very hard.


Now, this is EASY! It's the very first form of sentence you should have learned. It's a predicate + subject that = a fat guy! Wait...I mean... equals a simple sentence!

Ex. - My name is Jeff.


Now this is when 2 sentences are fused into one. They become a single sentence, only slightly shorter than Maple Syrup. Wait...I mean, Slightly shorter than a run on sentence, which we get to later...if your smart enough. =D

Ex. The fat man gobbled his noodles and played computer games.

Aw, shoot. I forgot the others.

Complex Sentence

Now, this is the sentence that makes BIG drama. Here's a hint...Comma!

Just remember, No Comma, No Drama.

Ex. - I couldn't make pizza, so I made Hot Pockets.

And, last but not Least...(Drumroll)...Run-On

This is the sentence that just goes ON and ON and ON and ONNNN. I hate when people actually use these in real life. They just wont stop talking...and talking...and talking...Zzz.

Ex. - I fed the dog and took it for a walk.