Merdeka 2012

Online Merdeka Parade

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Independence day is a massive, Malaysia-wide event. Pan-cultural, unifying, happy, and celebratory. These are the exact points that brands across the country want to represent in the domestic market. There are the traditional forms of media, but Malaysia is a digital country. How can we digitally connect with the consumer?

As Malaysians, we love our country ... But let's be honest: how many of us are going to go down to Dataran Merdeka for the parade?

What if we could create the parade experience online?
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How Does The Brand Benefit?

  1. 430,000 unique visitors engaging with your brand content.
  2. 3,956,000 friend stream impressions generating constant brand awareness throughout the Merdeka Parade.
  3. Creates a connection between your brand and Malaysia.
  4. Engages social media, Malaysia's most popular form of communication.
  5. Established your brand's digital presence in the most on-line country in the world.