By: Tallon S

Things to have for good teamwork

Things that you need for good teamwork is that you have to establish roles like who's captain and assistant captain. Also you need to cheer on your teammates because most likely they will then do good and feel good about themselves too.

How to have good teamwork

In order to have good teamwork you need to play your hardest and not complain about what position you play.

Sports teams that have good teamwork.

One sports team that has good teamwork it the Green Bay Packers and with that good teamwork they have one many Superbowl's. Another sports team that has good teamwork is the New England Patriots because one year they went 18-1.

Sports teams that do not have good teamwork

One sports team in basketball, a player on that team was mad at his coach and started choking him, That's defiantly not good teamwork. And the Miami Dolphins one year everyone didn't get along with each other and they paid for it by going 0 wins and 16 loses, they lost all their games!