I really love being creative with everything like clothes , room , birthdays , drawing , nails , and fashion. I my family when we have Birthdays everyone always asks me to decorate or the house of make party bags. In school when we always have projects I try to make them colorful , neat , and cool. I am really good at this skill because i always know what to do or how to fix it.


I really love to sing. both of my choir teachers say I'm a advanced singer. I love to sing songs in my spare time. I can see much better hitting high notes , but I can hit low notes too. If you can hit both high and low your great.
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I really love acting. I am In a acting class , everyday I learn new fun games , social skills , and acting tips . When I'm on stage I feel so amazing. I'm really good at this because I have been In 3 plays that I have audition for and got the part.