Wall or Not to Wall????

Would you build a wall? Why or why not??

No wall??? Why??

Well would you want to build a wall? A wall that maybe cost billions of dollars? Well why can't we take that money and use it to fix the illegal immigration in a permanent way rather than a temporary one. By building a wall you are pushing the problem away, not fixing it. The problem will eventually start up again, so no, I would not want to build a wall.

What is your solution???

Well like I said, we can take the money and help in a permanent way. We can take that money and help Mexico not only with the border, but from within. Well why would we want to do that? Well, the majority of the illegal immigrant that come into the U.S. are from Mexico. They come to the United States looking for better jobs, better lives, and less crime. Well why can't we help them with those issues. It would surely slow down the illegal immigrants coming to the U.S.

How would we do this????

Well first of all we can raise the pay for the Border Patrols for the Mexican and the Americans since their jobs are very dangerous. We would want to do this so they can work better when keeping people crossing the borders and keeping drug cartels out. This can result in people wanting to become a Border Patrol, because of the pay raise, which would help up strengthen the security of the border. The normal salary is $82,310 a year for a normal ranked guard so maybe we can increase the pay by $10,000 making it $92,310 a year. We could give money to Mexico to help with their economy. We can create more jobs for them and maybe help those that need to support their families. We can help them increase there security and police skills by teaching them out technology and intelligence.

What would this cost us???

Well there are over 21,000 border patrols already so raising their pay would cost us money. Lets say the 21,000 border patrol people have a normal salary. We are to spend at average 1.9 billion dollars to pay the border patrol people, and more people are becoming border patrols so it may be more than that. The money that we give to Mexico will depend on how much Mexico needs to create more jobs and to make there cities better so it could be millions or billions.

Other ways we could help...

  • We can upgrade the wall so it's strong and more effective at keeping people inside Mexico, but we won't be spending billions of dollars doing it.
  • We can give Mexico a better education
  • Open businesses in Mexico, with Mexico's permissions obviously, which can help with the creation of jobs.
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If we can work out an agreement with the Mexicans allowing us to help them with their economy, we wouldn't be making the situation worse, we would be making it better and into a more permanent solution, than a wall. We wouldn't be pushing the problem of illegal immigration away but at least trying to solve the situation. I am pretty sure people will find ways to get over the wall if we made one, so it would be a waste of money.