A Robust Coupon Datafeed Solution for Indian Affiliates

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Fully automatic coupon datafeed service for professional affiliate marketers in India.

We introduce ourselves as premium coupon datafeed service provider for Indian affiliate marketers.

Being first of its kind service provider, we have ground breaking features & options to enable end-to-end solution for couponing websites, apps and blogs.

Why should you subscribe to our services?

1. Fully automated end-to-end coupon solution.
2. 2700+ merchants to monetize commission.
3. 10+ affiliate networks to maximize the revenue.
4. Compatible with any theme or any platform viz. WordPress etc.
5. Quite affordable pricing
6. You keep 100% commission earned on transactions thru’ your website.
7. Completely customizable coupon title & description to enable unique content.

How it Works?

1. Signup for DEMO at FREE.

2. Liked the service? Yes! Subscribe to your suitable plan.

3. Buy domain, hosting & theme based on web platform (i.e. WordPress) you want to build your website on.

4. Subscribe to ‘Coupomated2Live’ service to get all your initial configuration done by our team

5. Alternatively, you may choose to configure the feed yourself also.

6. Once configured, as per crone set, coupon data starts flowing to your website ensuring up-to-date coupons on your website.

7. Focus on marketing keeping all hassle of updating coupon data on us.

Additional services

WordPress has been a major work of our career for the last 5 years and we loved every bit of it. We are proud to say that we know WordPress inside out, and say with 100% confidence that we can give you the best possible solution for any problem related to WordPress. Here is the list of WordPress services we offer.