Weekly Geekly

Vol. 4 September 16-20, 2013

Latest future technology computers soo funny! :D

What's Important This Week

Grades were due today and hopefully you got those submitted on time! All schools will be opening HAC this week if it wasn't opened already. VMS teachers be certain to have your lesson plans in HAC!

App of the Week: Teach-Knowmia

Knowmia is a free app used to create video lessons from the ipad. There is a companion site Knowmia.com that houses lessons created and shared by teachers. You can use knowmia to record yourself drawing on a whiteboard, and you can import your own images to use in your lesson. You can even turn on the camera so your students can see you as you are teaching the lesson. It is similar to apps like Educreations, but it's free which makes it a more viable option for students to put on their own devices. This does require account creation, which means your kids under 13 won't be able to make their own account.

This would be a great tool to give kids as an option for creating lessons to share with your class.

Is this app available on the school devices? Yes! It is available on all iPads (not available on iPods)

Is there an Android version? No


If you know ahead of time you will be using a specific app or type of app in class, let the parents know! They can encourage the kids to have their devices on the right day and they can make sure they have the app they need.

Check out one set of ipads or ipads to fill in gaps for students who don't have a device. Remember, the student to device ratio doesn't always have to be 1:1.

I Spy...

D'Ann Pierce is using a glossary in her Moodle for art, and it is loaded up with art terms! Did you know you can build a glossary yourself or let your students do it?

Way to go Mrs. Pierce!