Dress up day for chapel

Class Assignment

If you want to come to the best day of the week come to dress up day!

We will have a lot of schools at our school on dress up day! There wll be the praise team and even the pastors will be there at our school!

Our school will host the best day of all when schools come to whirship the Lord!

The such schools that are coming is Trinity Christ, preschool from Sawyer, Trinity St. Joe, and then are school will be there to help with the service like doin offering, lighting candles, and telling where they need to sit for the service.

Some of our helpers for our service.

Will be amazing and lots of fun with Jesus!

Reason why held at our school.

The reason why held at our school is because we alternate going to all of the schools. Lat year for instince we went to Trinity St. Joe. That was a lot of fun the sermon was inspirational and the song were so much fun!