Dia De Los Muertos {:

Spanish Celebration, By: Bianca Martinez

Que Es El Dia De Los Muertos ?.

el dia de los muertos repersenta the day of the dead its shows respect to the ones who died . if one of your family members dide you go to there grave yard and take them what they liked , like food of stuff to renember there memerios . El Dia De Los Muertos is when you go hange out with the members that died and to renember that your te one that there were somone special . to you . you can have time with them and time to spent with you family .

Wha t DO They Give for Food ?

they give "Pan De Muerto " its a special bread the you eat you can eat it with kilk or any type of drink that you like . you can eat that type of fod that ,that member liked . its a place were you can have fun chill with your friends . so why not come over and selbrated i with us .

Thursday, Oct. 31st, 10pm

415 Hagg Drive

River Oaks, TX