The Road To Perseverace

By:Jordan Y May 2016

What is the definition of perseverance?

Perseverance is when you don't give up. It means to remain confident and strong.

How Caine persevered in chronological order

Caine is a boy who went to work with his dad every day. They lived in Los Angeles, it is kind of hard to make a successful business there. His dad runs an auto part shop where he fixes cars. Therefore that means that when his dad orders car parts, the parts come in big boxes. So Caine started to muster up little arcade games with the boxes. He used tape and rope, he brought in little basketball hoops to make tiny basketball games. He also made other cool arcade games with the huge boxes. He waited every single day outside of his dad’s shop for a customer to come and play at his arcade. Not one person came, they would stop and look at it but they would never play. Caine’s dad tried to convince him to give it up, but Caine didn’t want to give up that easily. Then one day a person stopped by to play one of his games. The man thought the games were really cool and cheap too. So he put it on Facebook one day without Caine knowing and told everybody to come to his arcade. The next day people from all around the world came to play his games and now all of the money that Caine makes from his arcade goes to his college fund.

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Caine with his arcade

Jackie Robinson and Eleanor Roosevelt compare and contrast

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A picture of Jackie and Eleanor together

Maxcy Filer Problem and Solution

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A picture of Maxcy finally being in the judge's chair

Jackie Robinson Cause and Effect

Jackie Robinson was the first black player to play in the MLB. But before that he played in an all black league because back then it wasn't right mix races in sports. Until one day Branch Ricky wanted to change the way we played sports forever. So he had his recruiter evaluate Jackie for a number of months just to make sure that Jackie was right for the job. When Branch brought Jackie in to tell him about his plan Jackie kind of felt overwhelmed with the whole plan. But Jackie was one tough guy so he took the challenge head on. When he first started his teammates on the Dodgers hated him, they didn't even want to be in the same locker room with him. Some of them even asked to be traded to another team. But when the first game came it was even worse. People started booing with, the pitchers were throwing the ball at his face on purpose. Then after the games he was getting hate mail saying that people were going to kill his family and friends. Even through all of the hate that Jackie took in he still didn't give and since he didn't give up he made it possible for more black players to play in the MLB today. Since Jackie made this big change in the game, he was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1962.
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Picture of Jackie Robinson holding his Hall Of Fame plaque

Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg's Perseverance Story

Nadja is famous world-wide for playing the violin. At first she began to doubt her ability to play when she attended Juliard because there were so many god players there. So she stopped playing for several months. Then her teacher told her that if she doesn't start playing again she can't go to her class anymore. When she started playing again her eating habits were horrible and she set her apartment on fire. When she signed up for the competition she was so nervous that she was shaking . She was so obsessed with doing well in the competition. Then she was about to get kicked out of her apartment, but she convinced her landlord to let her stay just until the competition was over. Shortly after that she got a call saying that she made it to the semifinals. She was so persistent with practicing and playing the violin that she actually won the competition. Now today she is known world-wide for doing something she loves to do.
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Nadja with her violin

The lessons we could learn from perseverance

The lessons people learned from perseverance is to never give up just because something is hard to do. It shows that if you don't give up now, it will pay off in the long run. It shows people that if you want to be successful you have to struggle and go through the obstacles that come with the success.