The Big Time

By: Matt Cassidy 6 period


Twelve-year-old Football player Troy is amazed to see the father he's never met, at his coach's house, interrupting their end-of-season victory party. Troys dad is a lawyer and agent. Troys father offers him to come back home and live with him. Troy deciles the offer because his dad has already missed so much of his life. Troy also thinks his dad is using him because he has a chance to make the pros. So Troy doesn't come back to his dad.

Character Summary: Troy

Troy is a 12 year old football player who was adopted. Troys team just won the championship and is at his coach's house for a party when Troys real dad knocks on the door. Troys father is a layer and agent and wants to take him to a NFL game. Troy feeling betrayed says no to his dad because he left him when Troy was 2.

Characters Summary: Troys dad

Troys dad is a layer and a sports agent and left Troy when he was little. Troys dad has now found his son and wants him back. Troy doesn't want to come back for many reasons. Troys dad understands why Troy doesn't want to come back and doesn't make him.


The Big Time takes place in Atlanta Georgia.

About the Author: Tim Green

Tim is the New York Times bestselling author of more than a dozen highly successful suspense novels Green graduated from Syracuse University College of in 1994. Here are the Fiction books he wrote:
1993 Ruffians (Turner Publishing), 1996 Outlaws, 2000 The Letter of The Law (Warner Books), 2002 The Fourth Perimeter (Warner Books), 2003 The Fifth Angel, 2004 The First 48, 2005 Pie World, 2006 Kingdom Come, 2009 American Outrage, 2007 Football Genius, 2009 Football Hero, 2009 Football Champ, 2009 Above The Law, 2009 Baseball Great, 2010 False Convictions, 2010 Rivals, 2010 The Big Time, 2011 Best of the Best, 2011 Deep Zone, 2012 Pinch Hit, and 2012 Unstoppable.
The Non Fiction:
1997 A Man and His Mother: An Adopted Son's Search, 1997 The Dark Side of the Game: My Life in the NFL, and 2003 The Road To The NFL.

Favorite Quotes

"I think I'm your father" said by Troys dad.
"In order to be the rest you must beat the rest" said Troys coach.
"Focus on the present not the past" said Troy.