By: Mike Mullin

Main Characters

Alex- Lives in Ceder Falls, Iowa. His family is on their way to Warren Illinois. On his way he gets hurt and almost dies, but Darla's mom takes him in.

Darla- Alex meets Darla on his way to Warren to find his family. Darla lived with only her mother and they raised Rabbits and corn that grew under the ash.

Book Summary

Alex's family plans a trip to go over to his mom's brother's house in Illinois, but Alex doesn't want to go and he argues to stay home. Alex's family leaves, the next day while Alex is in his house he looks outside and see's little black particles falling everywhere. Alex soon learns that a volcano in Yellowstone has erupted (In California) and the ash is all over the western part of the United States. When Alex leaves Ceder Falls in search of his family, he faces many challenges, meets new people, falls in love, and learns that not everyone is kind and willing to help each other.

Ashfall Trilogy

Mike Mullin

Favorite and Least Favorite Part Of Ashfall

My favorite part of Ashfall was when Alex finally got to his uncle's house in Warren, Illinois. Alex was reunited with his sister and Darla got to meet Alex's sister and family. And my second favorite part was when Darla's mom took in Alex when he almost died from the Ash.

My least favorite part in Ashfall was in the beginning when Alex was at his neighbor's house, and they had to sleep in a bathtub and they had to drink out of the toilet. My other least favorite part was when Alex was reunited with his uncle and he found out that his parent's went back into Iowa to find him, while he was on his way to Warren to find them.


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