Hand-washing and Personal Hygiene

Frequent hand-washing keeps you and others safe!

Don't spread germies!

Hand-washing is the first step to a healthy you. Frequent hand-washing prevents harmful bacteria from spreading to you, and others. It's important to wash your hands after touching things like your phone, laptop, computer, etc... It's also very important to hand-wash after you use the bathroom, sneeze, or cough, and before you eat.

How to Hand-Wash

Hand-washing is very easy and has a few simple steps:

  • Wet hands with soap
  • Rub hands for 20 seconds, making sure to get under your nails and between your fingers.
  • Rinse under warm running water
  • Dry hands on your own clean, new towel
  • Turn water off with used towel and dispose

Ta-da! You're done!

Do You Think Hand-Washing Is Important?

  • In one study conducted, 2 out of 6 students felt hand-washing is not important.
  • In another survey conducted by our group 1 out of 18 students felt hand-washing is not important.

All together 3 out of 24 students felt hand-washing was not important.

Local Health Department Info

In case of an emergency or information on hand-washing and lots of other health topics, visit your local health department. Below is information on how to contact them.