Summer Institute for the Gifted

"California Fun" at UC Berkeley-The Final Issue

We Are Glad "They" Came!

We have had an amazing three weeks here at SIG UC Berkeley. There have been many academic lessons, engaging experiments, thought-provoking discussions, and most importantly moments that will last a lifetime. It has been a pleasure having your children with us for the past three weeks, and I can speak for my entire staff; Instructors, Counselors, RAs, Housemasters, all of the Deans, and our office staff; when I say, "we are glad they came!" We hope they are too! Here are a few more pictures from the last week, and we have included some important information about the closing ceremony. Thank you for sending them to SIG UC Berkeley.

SIG Is...

"liberating, educational, interesting, entertaining, enlightening, fun, safe, academic, 'SIG-getic', too short, and filled with many bonds." (Words from a group of SIG students at UCB)

College Preparation at UC Berekely

Written By Abdulelah Alnumay

This class College Preparation was very useful for me because I was having a trouble deciding what school should I go to. We've started this class with simple tasks, writing a paragraph of personal statement, and we proceeded through college requirements, practicing them, and learning how to use them in real life. One of my favorite assignments in this course, and, in my opinion, most useful, was college requirement sheet, that helped me realize how much effort and work I should put in my journey for my selected college. My other favorite assignment was writing my personal statement; a good personal statement is one of the most important things to get in a selective college. You could even get a scholarship with a very great personal statement. We also did a mock interview day with some of the Director, Deans, and two of our TAs. This class has taught me a lot about preparing for my postsecondary future.

Important Info about the Closing Ceremony and Departure

Here is some information about the closing ceremony/graduation:

1) ALL Parents, Guardians, Guests, and students may attend the closing ceremony.
2) The closing ceremony is from 9:00 am to 10:30 am. During the ceremony, you will be able to hear final speeches from two campers, a few special presentations, a final slideshow, and the presentation of certificates and plaques for all of the students.
3) The students will attend breakfast at 8:00 am, and then walk to Anna Head with their counselor group by 8:40 am.
4) Anna Head is the same building where we had Parent Orientation. Anna Head is located at 2537 Haste Street, just a block away from the residential halls of our students.
5) At 8:45 am, there will be two staff members wearing SIG shirts meeting in front of the Unit 2 residence halls to help direct parents.
6) After the program ends at 10:30, everyone will walk back to the residence halls, for check out. Checkout will occur in the ground floor lobby of Towle immediately following the program.
7) All students should be off campus by Noon on Friday.
8) If you have made arrangements for a shuttle service, our staff will make sure the students check out and are picked up by the shuttle.

SIG: A Student Perspective

Written by Becca Rose

SIG is not just a summer camp, it's an experience, and a memory. In my short three weeks at SIG, my entire outlook has changed. In my Microbiology class I learned just how small some living things are, and that there is a whole world that I live in, but don't always see. In my International Relations class I also learned that there is an entire world I don't know about. For example, just 5,000 miles away, people are living in North Korea, completely cut off from the rest of the world. Now 5,000 miles may seem like a lot, but in my Space, Physics, and Time travel class, I learned otherwise. When we stretched a string across the entire room to represent the entire room to represent the universe, Earth would take up 1/2 nanometer, which makes you feel really inconsequential and inadequate. However these thoughts were quickly pushed away as my friends and counselors made me feel loved and important. And it wasn't just in the classes, but in rec hour, where you shoot some hoops, score some goals, or explore the internet, or in the often hilarious shows, or counselor activities, where we got to unwind and get know our friends better. SIG has been the experience of a lifetime.