Gender and Identity

The famous line, "It's not you, it's me."


I, let’s see what we can say about me... Well anything that revolves on sight and what sort of goes on behind the curtains of stereotype. I am 16 years old Hispanic guy and attending JTHS at West. I do fairly well in school like any person who still has dreams and believes they can reach them no matter the height at which they are at. And like those dreams I am a young adult who is eh I’d say just as responsible even though the area in which I live in is not the best or looked as a good community compared to others in the same area. However, it seems as though I am not in any sports as my skin color or build would suggest that I am, but I am a laid back kind of guy who loves to take it easy, but willing to take a challenge. As of now I’m still employed with not one but two jobs. Man this one gets people jealous about how lucky and how much money I get, but I don’t see that at all since I’m losing what’s still left of my childhood. I envy them as they still can live a more carefree life.

I wonder how I manage to choose this character

In the play Twelth Night, the character Sir Toby is drunk who is being supported by his niece as he blows of Olivia's money to have a good time. And before she cuts him off, he has deviced a plan to make the income for his partying to continue. By befriending Sir Andrew and telling him to marry Olivia he could keep it going longer and not have to worry about life like the rest of us. In Shapears' Twelfth Night, Sir Toby states, "I would we were well rid of this knavery. If he may be conveniently delivered, I would he were, for I am now so far in offense with my niece that I cannot pursue with any safety this sport to the upshot" (IV.ii.57-63).pg.2. He clearly enjoys this trick, but he knows that he keeps pushing it than he'l be out before Sir Andrew actually has a chance with Olivia.


A similarity between Sir Toby and myself is we both use people for or own benefit.

I have persuaded people into doing things for my own amusement, like Toby did as he did in act III scene ii where he got sir toby to nearly duel Cesario, he told Sir Andrew, “Why, then, build me thy fortunes upon the basis of valor. Challenge me the count’s youth to fight with him. Hurt him in eleven places. My niece shall take note of it, and assure thyself, there is no love-broker in the world can more prevail in man’s commendation with woman than report of valor” (III.ii.29).pg.2 He did well in persuading should I say lying because the man he made to fight was an idiot and his niece was never interested. Or the time he helped trick Malvolio into thinking he is crazy although he barely did anything in that case. And I unlike him I still have to live with family, but we both are being supported by them. Ah, it is nice having family.

The difference between Us

A difference is I, however, am not the person who uses people more than necessary. More so on, little things, but nothing as big as a life style that Olivia’s uncle has. And I’m not old enough to party legally like he does so, it’s going to stay like that for a while, like five years longer. One thing I’ve noticed is he has no job, and with that he has no money of his own. I for one am kind of glad I don’t have to rely on people for money and im responsible with money, I’m even close to getting my own car. Plus he practically lives the life of a child.


I don’t know how to answer this question, “what positives or negatives do you feel apply to you because of your gender?” Well there quite a few I can mention, like being a guy, certain job opportunities, but they usually require physical labor I can get with little difficulty is one. But that one is just there like being in sports, I’m a guy and well it fits since guys often times favored by the crowds of people who come to cheer them on. But others I have to think a little more and need to give more thought as to why like… (I shoud really finish this thought). All I can think of is well being a guy, we are typically seen as more self efficient and don't really need help. I do not like not getting help especially when I need it.

This part is not right

Sir toby is a male that who is supposed the person where the main house hold income should be coming from, but as the play goes it’s the exact opposite. He is actually the one living with his niece, Olivia, and she is the one who is supporting him and his habits of drinking and partying. Not once have i ever heard of him having his own home or having a job or doing anything other than defending people who have helped him in his times of want. And if tension wasn't building between Olivia and Sir Toby, then he wouldn't befriend a bigger fool than the jester in the play. Poor Sir Andrew with his intelligence so low it is quite amazing Sir toby hasn't given up on him and his goal for another source of money.


Well this last question is sort of funny, “how do peers, teachers and your family see you?” I have lots of this to say about this one. For the first my peers, most those of which who close to me see me as untrustworthy, I have no idea why. Like really no clue, I’m fairly responsible and reliable, but still I don’t know how I get this impression on people. Then there are those who just know me, probably middle class, 18, responsible, full of myself, and reliable even trustworthy. Well I’m barely in the middle class, I’m not 18, but the other two is what helps me get by. These guys may see me as weird at time and may not get my logic; however my logic has a system in which works without problems, most of the time. My family depending on who you may ask, you’ll find various answers for me, they may be right on some of them. One side, they (these guys are those who see me on a regularly bases) is nothing nice. And well this puts me in a bad position at times because my problems with them always leads to trouble with others, no matter the size of the problem itself. On the other side, like I said before with my peers those who aren’t close, see me as this fun loving guy, and to them I am also responsible and these guys are those I count on for in times I need help.

This part does sound too unrealistic for this character

I believe that other characters in Twelfth Night see Sir Toby as a drunk who likes to think for his own well-being and happiness. And he shows that by having a rich idiot marry his niece (so much for family-love) so he can continue have a bottle of booze by his side. Maria was the first and only one to point that what he is doing was incredibly stupid as well as selfish, but he continues anyway. Olivia also notices his behavior as a bit unnecessary for someone of his social class. He even stated, "Confine? I’ll confine myself no finer than I am. These clothes are good enough to drink in, and so be these boots too. An they be not, let them hang themselves in their own straps" (I.iii.9-12).pg.1 He keeps refuses to accept that his drinking has become a problem.