By Adam kipple

About Christiantiy

People who believe in Christianity are called christian. They believe in the holy trinity the Sabbath and the role of Jesus Christ . The holy trinity is that they believe in god the father the son and the holy spirit.The Sabbath is the day of worship. The role of Jesus Christ is to base your life on the teachings of Jesus Christ.There practices ans rituals are holy commune and baptism. Holy commune is the breaking of the bread and sharing wine before his death at the last supper. Baptism is the ceremony of introducing in to Christianity. The place where Christians worship is called a church,chapel, or a cathedral.The person who runs the worship is called a priest or pastor. The holy book is called a bible. The holy days/holidays are called Christmas or Easter. Christmas is day that Jesus was born. Easter is the day that Jesus was resurrected from the dead. The holy site is Jerusalem.

The common religious leader is Abraham and the common view of god is monotheism.