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Weekly Update (5/5)

Field Trip to the KC ZOO!!!

We will be going on our last field trip of the year to the KC Zoo on June 8th. We can take all parent chaperones that want to go!

We will be leaving EPiC around 9 am and returning to EPiC around 1:30pm. You will need to meet us at the zoo no later than 9:30am at the front entrance. All parents' admission will be included in our field trip. No siblings on this field trip, please! :)

Please fill out the doc below is you are interested in being in charge of your child and one or two others depending on how many parents join us.

This week

Reading- We are completing end of the year assessments; including i-Ready.

Please work on reviewing Q4 HFW Here is the link.

Spelling- Week 31. You can find the list below.

Math- We are completing end of the year assessments; including i-Ready.

Week 31

Phonics Skill:oi, oy, ou

Word Families: words with -oi, oy, ou









You can always find the current list on our website HERE.


Although the school year is winding down, we still have roughly 5 weeks of learning. With this being said, we would really appreciate your support in ensuring that your child has a working pair of headphones at school. We know that it is a pain to buy several pair per year (Mrs. Compton is experiencing this as well with her K student), but it truly makes a world of difference for your child and his/her ability

Mark Your Calendar....



Spirit Wear Day


No School


Chipotle Night


Talent Show


Last Day of Regular Session- Early Release at 12:00pm


No School- Memorial Day


Summer Session Begins



Field Day


Zoo Field Trip


Field Day- Make-up if Needed


Last Day of Summer Session

Class Photos

If you still want to add photos from any class activity/event the directions are below!

Check out a few pics from our trip on the slideshow below! If you took some photos on your phone, would you upload them to our class FLICKR account when you get a chance, please?


password: firstgrade

  • Click on the cloud with the arrow in the upper right hand corner to upload photos
  • Please make sure to log-out when you are finished

(Don't worry about organizing them...we will take care of that! )

Frequently Asked Questions About Goal Sheets

We have had a lot of parents ask great questions about how to check their child's progress on their goal sheets.

Here a a few FAQs.

iReady: This program does not work on our iPads at this moment. It has to do with the Flash Player. We are hoping iReady makes some changes soon to fix this problem. You can still complete iReady lessons at home, you will just have to use a computer. The link to access iReady is below.

iReady: How do I check to see if my child has completed a lesson?

Answer: Have your child login to iReady either through Puffin (an app on your child's iPad) or on a laptop ( Have them choose either math or reading, then click on the progress button in the top right corner. All lessons will show up under the drop down arrows. Look for the completed date.

Reflex:How do I check for a green light?

Answer: To check for the green light, have your child login to Reflex. In the top right corner you will see a circle. The circle will fill up showing their progress. It will turn completely green when they have received the green light. Students can only receive one green light a day.

Lexia:How do I check my child's completed units ?

Have your child login to Lexia. While they are working on a lesson, a progress circle fills up at the bottom. When the entire circle has filled up, they have completed one unit. To check the total amount of units, the need to logout of the lesson, click on the white X, and then on the right there will be a Units symbol. By the symbol there will be a plus sign and how many units passed next to it. These reset on Monday of each week.

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What's for Lunch?

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Lunch Menu

Lunch prices for the 2016-17 school year: Breakfast $1.60 / Lunch $2.35