Jail Therapy Investment Proposal

By: Stephen Walsh

Jail therapy

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McNaghten rule

The rule was established in the 19 century. Criminal defendants who are found to be legally insane cannot be convicted of charges arising from that particular mental defect or disability. This act or test also determines if the criminal actually knew the nature of the crime committed.

Story of M'Naghten rule

"in 1843 when the public was outraged that Daniel M’Naghten was acquitted of his charges for his attempted assassination of the Prime Minister accidentally shooting the Secretary to the Prime Minister who he mistook for the Prime Minister of England at the time, Robert Peel because he was deemed “insane” and thus void of responsibility of his own actions "

The problem. With The Chance of Solution.

"In 2012, about 1 in every 35 adults in the United States, or 2.9 percent of adult residents, was on probation or parole or incarcerated in prison or jail, the same rate observed in 1997. If recent incarceration rates remain unchanged, an estimated 1 out of every 20 persons will spend time behind bars during their lifetime; and many of those caught in the net that is cast to catch the criminal offender will be suffering with mental illness". - Health affair Blog stated . The incarceration rate is going up and is currently at late December in 2014 was at 1,561,500. over Approximately 20 percent of inmates in jails and 15 percent of inmates in state prisons have a serious mental illness. Based on the total number of inmates, this means that there are approximately 356,000 inmates with serious mental illness . The problem that is being faced with this is that even more of theses inmates have the problem to develop some form of mental illness and with some having the chance of a possible parole they haven't had the right treatment to help them live with this and make better decisions intern this leads back to the cycle of going straight back to jail.

The Problem

Recent studies have shown that many inmates of today suffer from some form of mental illness some way or another. This being a factor in many cases lead or led to the actions of the crime that they committed. Many may argue the fact that even if they have a mental illness it doesn't excuse or give them the right to not be held accountable for there actions the proper treatment and or therapy to help gear them towards a better future in better themselves especially those with the chance of parole. why this is a big problem is self explaining. With out the proper treatment to help them while they are in the jail environment it changes people it breaks you down from the very beginning starting with the way you are treated as a human being who lost all your rights. Condoning of all there actions is not what we are getting at. What we are getting at is if we ever want a slight chance of change we need to give support to them while they are in this place. Therapy is one of the main things that can help. In the jail and prisons system they do have therapy but not enough to make a big impact on the out come of said inmate.

Solution Proposal

When it comes down to it the incarceration rate is going to keep going up no matter what. What we can do is spend money on helping those who are in jail or prison find a way to manage what health issue they have going on. We can put the money towards funding for more therapy. The lack of therapy that is going on is one of the many reasons why the "rotation" of jail keeps going on. We can put money towards more intense therapy programs to help them deal with what ever mental illness they suffer from. We can raise the pay of the therapist to help motivate them to do better therapy. Without the proper care the cycle will never end and people who are truly not aware of their actions because of some form of mental illness are being sent to a place that will never truly help them deal with what they battle with day in and day out. We need take a step forward and look at bettering our country.
Can Bradley Manning get hormone therapy in prison?

Peace to be attained

Human dignity and compassion is the key to opening the door to peace. No matter what the world is a cruel and often terrible place. Why don't we start changing the world from starting from the places that have the most problems. Jails and prisons.