Slide Stairs

No need for stairs, just slide!

The Invention

The Slide Stairs enable you to slide downstairs instead of walking down the stairs. A lot quicker isn't it? This picture is of Michael Jordans staircase where we installed the Slide Stairs, and his kids take the slide everytime they get up.

How it impacts society

The slide stairs impact society by making it so much quicker to get downstairs, for quick escapes or just for fun!

The Idea

We got the idea from customer's suggestions. Then we thought of the different styles of slides depending on the type of staircase. Some examples: Spiral, Regular, Banana, and Loop.
This is an example of the banana style. it is used to get from the top floor to the bottom floor quickly.

Where to get them

The easiest way to get a Slide Staircase is to go to and order it online. Our workers will go and install it for you. ENJOY!