Albrecht Durers Life and Works

By Daniel Cookson

Albrecht Durers Life

Albrecht Durer was born May 21, 1471 in Nuremberg and died in 1528. Durer spent the majority of his life in Nuremberg but he traveled with his wife and maid to areas such as the Netherlands and Italy bringing his German style with him and learning from other artists in different parts of Europe. Durer learned a lot despite a lack of formal education and produced many great works that last to this day.

Albrecht Durers Works

Durers works varied from books of proportion to religious paintings and even to wood cuts of animals. Durer produced much of his works under the patronage of Maximilian I ruler of the Holy Roman Empire and Emperor Charles V the successor to the throne.

Paintings By Albrecht Durer

Durers Rhinoceros

Durers Rhinoceros

Durers Rhinoceros was created in 1515 A.D and was his idea of what a rhinoceros looked like. Durers Rhinoceros was based off of a rough sketch by a previous artist who saw a rhinoceros in Europe. This drawing although being completely inaccurate was the most favored depiction of the African Rhinoceros all the way up until the late 18th century. Durer showed an interest in scientific naturalism in some of his wood carvings and drew animals such as walruses and elephants that had a unique but deceiving look to them. His representations of these animals were the most accepted in Europe for a long time and continue to have artistic but not scientific influence.