Announcements and Reminders

Feb 11, 2019

Weather Advisory

I'm learning that accumulating snow is in our forecast for tomorrow morning and through out the day. I will make a decision to open, delay opening or close no later than 7am. A decision will be made with the consideration of the local forecast for the day as well as safety of staff and children.


I know daily routines and the struggle of finding the life, work, and family balance can be challenging, and some days are more challenging than others, we can all sympathies. I need to urge you all to slow down especially in our parking lot and driveway. We may all need a reminder about the old saying, “You have to go slow in order to go fast.”

Policy Remiders

Parking Lot

The speed through the parking lot is 5 mph. Parent parking is located at the front of the building. Pleas enter through the second driveway on your left and depart from the first driveway. During carline, please remain in your car with your children until a teacher can approach your vehicle. If you need to enter the school, please safely park at the top of the parking lot as to not obstruct the car line.

For the safety of all, children must be accompanied by a parent or teacher into or out of the building and have his or her hand held in the parking lot, after entering the building, all children must be checked in with their appropriate teacher. Children are not to be left unattended in the building or parking lot.

Health Policy

At Providence Montessori we follow a firm health policy. Children that are ill cannot appropriately be cared for in a classroom setting. A child that cannot participate due to illness in all school activities should not be in attendance.

Providence Montessori teams with Parents to maintain a healthy environment for all children and teachers.

If a child arrives at school and shows signs of an illness, the school will be unable to accept them into the program for that day. If the child has been seen by a licensed physician and has indicated in writing that there is no health risk to the child or others then the child will be permitted to attend school.

Examples of health symptoms that may require exclusion are:

  1. Vomiting or diarrhea (2 or more episodes in 24 hr. period.)

  2. Severe coughing to sore throat

  3. Oral temp of 101.5 degrees Fahrenheit or more, also accompanied by other symptoms. For infants, an under-arm temperature of 100.5 degrees Fahrenheit.

  4. Jaundice (yellow) skin or eyes.

  5. Severe pain or discomfort in joints, abdomen, or ears.

  6. Red eyes with discharge

  7. Infected untreated skin patches/lesions or severe itching of body and scalp.

  8. Difficult or rapid breathing

  9. Skin rashes lasting more than 24 hrs. This excluded diaper rash.

  10. Blood or pus from ears, skin, ears, urine or stool.

  11. Unusual behavior characterized by loss of appetite or confusion.

  12. Symptoms of chicken pox, impetigo, lice, scabies, or strep throat.

If a child becomes ill during the school day a parent will be advised immediately by phone and email. Providence Montessori will do its best to keep your child comfortable while they wait for a parent or emergency contact person to pick them up from school. In the event that the parent cannot be reached within one hour from the time the parent is notified, the emergency contact person will be called.

Children that are sent home because of illness will not be readmitted back into the school program until all signs of the illness (fever) have been gone for a 24 hour period. If a licensed physician provides written release for the child to return to school then the child will be accepted back to school as indicated by the doctor’s note.

In the case of certain communicable diseases, Providence Montessori is required to file a report with the Department of Health within 24hrs so that control measures can be undertaken. Parents and teachers are reminded to notify Providence Montessori within 24hrs if a child or family member has developed a known or suspected communicable disease. If a child has not been fully immunized for some of these diseases (due to child’s age, medical condition, or religious reason), he or she will be excluded from the school during an outbreak of a vaccine-preventable illness as directed by the Pennsylvania State Department of Health.

Example of “reportable diseases,” includes but is not limited to:

Lyme Disease Whooping Cough Measles

Tuberculosis Spinal Meningitis Mumps

German Measles Salmonellosis Rubella

Shigellosis Giardiasis Hepatitis A

All parents will be notified in writing/email if a communicable disease is reported. Providence Montessori follows all the reporting guidelines as established by the Pennsylvania State Department of Health.


When a child needs to be administered medicine, a form must be completed.

The form is an authorization for dispensing medicine with a daily medication log. The log is to will be completed by the Director for every day that the medicine is to be dispensed. The form needs to be completed for each new cycle of medicine. Medication will only be administered for the dates listed on the form. The dates may not exceed one month. All forms are to be handed to the director.

The director is responsible for checking all medication form books and dispensing medicine. The director will sign and date all medication form books after the medicine is given.

All medication forms will be kept in the director’s office.

Prescription medication must be provided in the original, pharmacy labeled childproof container. The label must indicate the child’s name and dosage information. Prescription medicines will only be given to the individual listed on the pharmacy label. A doctor’s not must be provided with instructions for use. No medication will be administered on an “as needed basis.”