Giving Effective Feedback

Helping Teachers Grow

How we frame our words is important in how they are received. As leaders, we need to be very conscious of the way we provide support to be sure it is uplifting and not unintentionally perceived as condescending. If we are to change behavior, it also most be effective at helping teachers determine their next steps.

Warm-Up: Spin the digital wheel. Based on what you spin, answer the corresponding question.

1. Review the sources below about giving feedback.

Group A: Seven Keys to Effective Feedback from Ed Leadership

Group B: Are you giving effective feedback? from Ms. Houser

After you read your assigned article, write down on the index card 3 key points that you feel are important to help you provide better feedback to teachers. Be prepared to share out what you wrote.

(Think - Write - Say)

2. Identify what elements of effective feedback are present or missing from the sample phrases pulled from 7-12 Walkthroughs. Work with your partner and add notes to the Google Slides.

Google Slides - Elements of Effective Feedback

3. Work with a partner to decide if the sample phrases are examples of effective or ineffective feedback. You can choose to use the paper sorts or you can do this digitally by turning the cells inside the table to be red (ineffective) or green (effective).

Digital Document

4."Reframe" at least 3 ineffective criticisms to be constructive criticism.

- Choose 3 examples from those provided in the Google Slides or in the sort activity.

- Explain for each why the feedback is not effective. Defend your position with evidence from the texts above.

- Reframe each example to be more effective feedback.

You may respond with a written response, or you may wish to use Photobooth or another video app to create a video response.

Post to this Padlet.

Exit Ticket: Give and Get

Additional Resources

Not Sure What to Say?

Sometimes we get so in the groove of doing observations and ticking the boxes we forget about all of the things on which we can provide feedback to teachers. Here's a great list of things that might spark a comment for you. I like to keep a copy of this inside my iPad case!
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