Thomas Hooker

Hook, Line, and Sink your eyes on the founder of Connecticut

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Review #1

"Although I'm not for the church, I loved reading about Hooker and his decision to move and let all men vote, even the ones that aren't part of the church. Our opinions matter too!" -William Bradford

Review #2

"I think the Puritan beliefs are the best. I don't think that people who aren't members of the church should be voting, you can't separate church and state! Good book overall, I agree with his Puritan family's views." -John Winthrop

Review #3

"The most effective way to govern is to separate church and state. With all of these beliefs, you can't force one way on someone else. Hooker is better than most Puritans, in the sense of having a little more equality, but I think this book was medicore overall." -Roger Williams

Review #4

"Hook may have said he was a Puritan, but he wasn't a real one. What kind of Puritan thinks that other people outside of the church has a say in anything? I think John Cotton was right in saying only church members who owned property could vote. I didn't enjoy this book, I do not recommend." -Anne Hutchinson