Robert Sheridan

Connection between books and actual experiences

  • Training camp which was about a football player and a coach that had a really good relationship together and the coach just wanted Martin to be his best and my actual experience with this is Coach Joel because he's starting to help me out and trying to help me be the best that I can be.
  • The Mentor Leader was the second book that I read, Quote " When it comes to effective leadership, it's not about you and what makes you comfortable or helps you get ahead, it's about other people. This quote just helps me because it's not about me, it's about making other people better around me.

Pre- and Post Leadership Comparison

  • In the beginning of the class I didn't really consider myself as a really good leader because I wouldn't lead by example and I wasn't really a vocal leader
  • Now I consider myself as a decent leader because now I lead by example and I am becoming a little more vocal.

Greatest Accomplishments

  • Captain on the Football team- which helped me be a better leader
  • All district
  • Academic success during the semester

Unexpected Situations

  • I didn't expect to get attached to the kids as much as I did
  • I didn't expect to be speaking on the radio about what was going on in the class.

Future Path in Life

  • The class didn't really change my future path in life, it just helped me out by helping me become a better leader and not be afraid to speak up.

How will I apply my leadership skills in life/ Mentor

  • I will show up for things like a speaker, even though it's not required of me to show up. I will also volunteer for things when i'm older and help others out and try to be a good leader for my future kids. The biggest impact for me is my younger brothers because I am trying to show them that I am a good leader and they also look up to me so I just want to be a good role model.
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