John Cabot

Reese Cutler 6th period 9/18/14

Personal Info

John Cabot was born in 1450 he disappeared in 1499. Jon was born in Italy. He had one wife she was named Mattea. He had 3 kids. They were named Ludovico,Sebastian,and Sancto

Exploration Info

John explored for England. He explored when Henry the VII was king. He was the first since the vikings to explore the mainland of North America. He was also the first to search for the North West passage.


He explored the main land of North America.He also searched for the North West passage.

A fail was that he probably crashed and that is how he disappeared.

Exploration Routes

How he changed the world

He changed the world by finding the North America land form area.Also he searched for the North West passage. He has his tower still there and his house is still standing.