Current Event

Meghna Srinivas, 17/18


Recently in Sanaa, Yemen, on December 11, militants that were allied with Al Qaeda fired rockets at one of Yemen's largest military bases. The terrorists were aiming at U.S. soldiers staying at the base. Ansar al Sharia claimed responsibility for the attack via social media. People linked to al Qaeda chose to attack our forces in response to America deploying troops for a rescue mission. 6 rockets were fired, and although none were on target, a few troops were still hurt.

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My Opinion

In my opinion, this article shows that the Middle East region is a very unsafe and unpredictable base. It has a record of housing many terrorists and this is unacceptable for all the people who live there. One of the Middle Eastern countries needs to step up and make sure attacks, like this rocket encounter, don't go without punishment to show that they can't do this to our soldiers and to the society that lives there.


The event is important for a few reasons. To begin with, it illustrates how unbalanced the Middle East is currently. With no government stepping up there, it allows terrorists groups, like al Qaeda, to run free with little worry of attack. It shows you that though as a society we have increased the safety and structure of surroundings, violence still exists and needs to be dealt with. This event not only affects the Yemeni and American soldiers stationed there, but also the society that lives there.