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Get-A-way-Tours is a traveling agency committed to providing our clients with a cruise of a lifetime to exotic places. We are a company of trusted, passionate travel specialists who create customized luxury journeys to inspiring destinations. Our trips are completely based around your interests and schedule—they are one-of-a-kind experiences that are as unique as you are.

Grand Opening Promotion - Trip to Seoul, Korea

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In celebration of our first year in business we are offering a trip to beautiful Seoul, Korea

July Seoul Tour 2016

(10 days and 9 nights)

July 6 to July 15

Starting at $2100 per adult

The offer includes the following: Arrives and departures are from San Antonio, Texas to Seoul, Korea

Check in time is at 2 p.m.

About Seoul

South Korea is a small country with a lot of people, so there is a huge demand for space. As a result, many of the country's natural habitats have been squeezed into smaller areas. There are 21 national parks, but the only areas of true wilderness left are the mountain forests.

Tigers used to roam the Korean peninsula, but today there may be none left at all. Some think a few may live in the dangerous Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea. Korea's tigers were wiped out by hunters who wanted their bones to use in traditional medicines.

Population: 50.22 million

Climate: South Korea has a temperate climate with four distinct seasons. Winters are usually long, cold and dry. Summers are very short, hot, and humid. Spring and autumn are pleasant but also short in duration.

Dialects: The Seoul dialect (서울말), or Gyeonggi is spoken in Gyeonggi, Incheon, Seoul (South Korea), and Kaesŏng (North Korea). It is the basis of the standard language. The Yeongseo dialects (영서 방언) are spoken in the Yeongseo region of Gangwon Province in South Korea.

Some Phrases To Know

고맙습니다 (komapsumnida)... Thank you

잘 먹었습니다 (jal meogeosseumnida) ... Have a nice meal

안녕하세요 (annyeonghaseyo)... Hello

제 이름은 ... 입니다 (je ireum-eun ... imnida)... My name is

죄송합니다 (joesonghamnida) ... Im sorry

Things to Eat

What To Do

What to Expect

Sample Itinerary for One Day

Day 1 - The top sights in town

  • 9:00am Trip to the 'N Seoul Tower
  • 9:45am Tour of the War Memorial of Korea
  • 11:20am Tour of the National Museum of Korea
  • 1:30pm Lunch
  • 3:00pm COEX Mall
  • 4:30pm Tour of the Jogyesa
  • 4:45pm Tour of Bonguensa
  • 5:30pm Tour of the Myeondong NANTA Theatre
  • 7:00pm Dinner

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