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Distance Learning will be in place for the remaining school days for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Luke Lutterman - Triton High School Principal

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Triton Teachers Answer Distance Learning Questions

#WeAreTriton Wednesday - 3/25/2020 - UPDATED!

What Is Distance Learning?

In accordance with the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) Guidelines, Triton High School has designed a program for students to be engaged in learning with appropriate access to educational materials. Students and teachers are expected to be engaged in the teaching and learning process each day. Our courses are designed around prioritized learning targets and learning target based assessments.

Course Information

  1. Our already designed and implemented Schoology platform will serve as our Learning Management System (LMS) during distance learning. We have information for students that do not have access and we will be sure they have alternative means to access course materials.

  2. Teachers will post their plans/outlines of learning experiences for their particular classes in Schoology. This will start at 8:05 AM on Monday, March 30. These tasks will have timelines and students will know exactly what learning experiences need to be accomplished and when the experiences need to be submitted.

  3. Teachers will be available for calls and electronic meetings as described in their course outlines.

  4. It is recommended that all parents also set up a Schoology account. This tool will be very beneficial as we work together to provide a high-quality distance learning experience. If you do not have an account please contact Mr. Lutterman in the Triton High School office at or (507) 418-7520.

  5. Teachers will be available from 7:30 AM - 3:30 PM to answer questions and provide guidance and feedback. Teachers will also require additional contacts that are explained in their course outlines in Schoology.

  6. Students will have flexibility with their schedule as outlined in their course materials. We want to make sure we offer an educational program but are also realistic about other family demands during this time.


  1. In accordance with MDE Guidelines, students will have to report for attendance each day school is scheduled to be in session.

  2. Students will need to check-in for attendance by 3:00PM. An example of the first-day form is linked HERE. This form will be sent out each day for your easy reference. This form will be located in your Schoology stream.

  3. If students are ill or have an appointment, parents should follow the regular and expected attendance procedures and call/email the office to report the absence. (507) 418-7520,

Digital Responsibility

Students are expected to abide by all classroom and digital expectations as laid out by their teachers. Students are also expected to follow all school and district rules for network and device use.


Health and wellness will be continually monitored by all teachers and also in advisory. Each advisor will have one check in per week that students will respond to. Advisors will respond and refer concerns to the high school principal and counselor.

Student Support

  1. Daily contact with students and a sense of normalcy is paramount to the success of this plan. Our school counselors, administrators, and social worker will be available to provide support for students during normal school hours (7:30 - 3:30 PM).

  2. We will work to make sure ongoing and continued counseling and supports are in place.

Students Without Chromebooks, Internet Or Damaged Chromebooks

  1. We are collecting information on which students do not have internet access. We are working with these families and internet providers to make sure everyone has access in a timely manner.

  2. If we are not able to get internet services in place, teachers will arrange paper materials. These material pick-ups and drop-offs will be in place and planned with individual families.

  3. Students in need of a new device or charger should contact Branden Strong (507) 418-7520.


  1. All Triton students have access to meals. Students who need to request breakfast and/or lunch during the school closure, please ​email: to arrange for service or for information or call the kitchen office at 507-418-7531 to place your order.


  3. Once you are signed up for meals, you do not need to continue to sign up every day.

Special Education IEPs and 504 Plans

The Triton Special Education Department realizes the challenges with distance learning. We are committed to making sure all students receive the services and supports they need to be successful. Special education teachers will continue to work with general education teachers to modify assessments and assignments to make sure all students have a learning experience that is appropriate. An addendum will be added to all IEPs and will be mailed out to parents by April 1. Special Education Teachers will have regular communication with the students on their caseload and will design appropriate experiences for direct service time.

The Triton High School 504 Plan Coordinator will coordinate the considerations and adjustments needed for distance learning. An addendum will be added to all 504 Plans and communication will be established with parents/guardians about these changes.


The ESL teacher will reach out every other day to all ELL students, using video conferencing when possible. Teachers will provide word lists/vocabulary, Spanish copies of texts & video instruction when possible

Graduation, Prom, Concerts, Etc...

We realize that these experiences are some of the most cherished moments of the high school experience. At this point, we are waiting to receive further clarification on what events can take place and what conditions must be in place at events. We will be sure to communicate as soon as more information is available.