Simon Birch Project

Hayley Anderson


The theme of Simon Birch is sometimes people are placed in your life to show you something bigger than you could imagine. Simon states"God has put me here for a reason, he has a plan for me." (Simon Birch) This proves my theme because Simon constantly told people he was there for a reason. No matter how many times he told people they never believed him. It took until he died and maybe a while after for people to believe and understand what Simon was there for and just what his plan really was.


He is very small physically, very outgoing, honest

Simon states "I don't have a sweater, to get them this small costs to much" (Simon Birch)

Simon states "Little kids always listen to me because the way I look." (Simon Birch)

These two context clues prove that he is small. The first text clue shows that he is small because it shows that the sweaters are hard to find because he is too small for most. The second text clue shows that he is small because little kids will listen to him considering he is smaller than most people, and more there size.

Big Events

1) When Rebecca died.

I didn't mean to kill her. I don't think anyone would have tried to she was too perfect. I feel terrible, and I am so sorry Joe I didn't mean it. I knew I shouldn't have hit it I haven't had enough practice to even think about it. I'm sorry.

2) When Joe and Simon are talking to the sheriff and Simon's parents won't pick them up.

I feel hurt. I know that my parents wish I wasn't there, but it hurts. I wish Rebecca was still here. Rebecca would tell us it's okay and then she would make sure to kiss me on the cheek.

3)When the bus crashed.

Joe this was the thing I was talking about. This was God's plan for me. He obviously knew the kids wouldn't listen to you because you aren't their size.. well I am which makes me not so scary to them. I am happy you helped me with saving all their lives because I know I couldn't do it by myself. Anyway Joe, goodbye. Love Simon.

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Simon Birch - Life Goes On