Holland Middle School

Distance Learning Message #3

Message From Rich and Tim

Please click on the following link for a message from the Principals:


DL District Attendance Procedures

  • Each school day, students and / or parents will access the link to the HMS Attendance Form, and enter a valid email address (students are encouraged to use their school address), and their student ID number.

  • The Attendance Form needs to be completed ONCE each day in order for a student’s presence in Distance Learning days to be recorded.

  • Attendance is being recorded from 12:00AM to 11:59PM on a school day. Students and parents CANNOT record attendance in advance - this must be completed each day.

  • Students are NOT required to record their attendance for each class.

  • Teachers are encouraged to remind their studenys to record their daily attendance within their weekly updates.

  • Attendance secretaries will email the link community-wide every day at the start of each school day.

  • Parents / guardians of multiple CR children MUST complete this Form once for each of their students; students CANNOT be combined into a single record.

  • If a student is absent, parents/guardians can reply to the attendance secretary reporting the absence. Those who do not fill out the Form will be marked absent; excused absences should be emailed to the attendance secretary.

  • If students do not know their student ID number, families can log into HAC, click the registration icon, click the demographic tab, and in the top left corner is the student ID

Arts Rotation

At the beginning of our distance learning journey our students began a new Arts Rotation. Please do not hesiate to reach out to those respective teachers if you have specific questions regarding their DL expecations........

Family & Consumer Sciences

Technology Education

Guided Exploration

Physical Education





Friday = Day of Wellness

In order to help promote student wellness, the district is providing optional activities for all grade levels that could be completed individually or with families on Fridays. The activities address the physical health, mental health, and social connectedness of our students. Please click the following link for this week’s student wellness activities: