5th Grade Lone Star Chronicle

April 4-15


  • April 14- Chick-Fil-A Spirit Day

  • April 15- Civil War Project Parent Acknowledgement Due (info coming soon)

  • April 18- Civil War Project Topic Deadline

  • May 12- Chick-Fil-A Spirit Day

  • May 20- Civil War Project Due Date

Spring Testing Dates:

  • May 11: Science STAAR

Update on Student Council Book Drive:
Thank you to everyone who donated books for the Student Council Jamaica Book Drive!! Lindsey students raised over 900 books for Jamaica schools!! Way to make a difference!!


Parent Insight Survey Regarding Class Placement for 2016-17

Lindsey Elementary is seeking parent input regarding class placement for 2016-17. To provide us with helpful information regarding the best educational environment for your child next school year, please go to the “News and Events” section of our school homepage and click on the link titled Parent Insight Concerning Class Placement for 2016-17. The survey link will be available through April 29th. If you have more than one student at Lindsey, please submit a separate survey for each child.

Wanted: ELA INFO

We will be spending several weeks working on a research project that will cross over with our Social Studies curriculum. Students will research and present on a topic of their choice related to the Civil War. We will be spending time researching and compiling information in the library and on the internet. The students will then organize their findings into a written summary of their work and a final project to be presented to the class.

In addition, students are expected to write three entries of their own choosing in their Writer’s Notebook each week.

"Dinner Table Talk"

Ask your student to discuss what topic they will be choosing for their research project with you.

Wanted: Science Info

We will be wrapping up our Grand Canyon Layers project and our landforms unit. We will be heading into our last unit before the STAAR test. It is our Space unit.

"Dinner Table Talk"

Important Vocabulary: Density, Mixture, Solution, Solid, Liquid, Gases, Conclusion, Comparison, Occur, Accurate, Reliability.

Wanted: Social Studies Info

We will be starting our next unit over Industrialization, Immigration, and Free Enterprise. We will be learning about inventors and the technologies they created in the late 1800s and the early 1900s that changed the way people in the United Sates worked and lived. We will also talk about how Immigrants in the United States in the late nineteenths and early twentieth centuries contributed to the nations diversity, economic growth, and cultural achievements.

"Dinner Table Talk"

Important Vocabulary: Assembly Line, Consumer, Corporation, Diversity, Entrepreneur, Free Enterprise System, Investor, Labor Union, Melting Pot, Monopoly, Oppression, Prejudice, Profit, Refinery, Stock, Telegraph, Tenement, Urbanization.

Wanted: Math Info

This week we have finished our financial literacy unit. The students have really enjoyed learning how to write a check, use a debit or credit card, and how to read a pay stub.

Next week, we will work on fractions. We will dig deep into fractions with hands-on activities and challenging problems. The goal is to have them "master" adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions using standard algorithms and models.

"Dinner Table Talk"
Talk to them about the importance of savings and budgeting your money. Play the game of "Life" with them. As you play, talk about some of the financial situations that occur such as paying taxes, salaries, promotions, large purchases, tax refunds, etc. Ask them to work 15 minutes each night on Think Through Math.