Which one are you?

Which side am I most dominant?

The side i'm most dominant in is the LEFT SIDE of my brain.

8 questions RIGHT BRAINED and 11 questions LEFT BRAINED.

Some of my Strengths

  • Sequential- Processing information in order from first to last.

Something I do is always start things and finish them in order. For example, tests,quizzes,and chores.

  • Symbolic- Processes symbols and pictures
Personally, I work better when I see or use symbols or pictures. (even when i'm taking notes)

  • Reality-Based- Focuses on rules and regulations
This is something I always find myself doing, every morning I always check myself and make sure i'm not breaking any dress code rules or violating any policies.

How do I know i'm LEFT DOMINATE?

  1. I'm ALWAYS organized.
  2. I think very logically.
  3. I'm great at math and I love dealing with numbers
  4. I know a couple of languages English, Turkish, Arabic, learning Spanish, and learning Japanese.

Why don't you try and take the test?


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