I Am Princess X

Summer Reading Project by Diana Ciocan


Basic Info:

Originally Published: May 26, 2015

Author: Cherie Priest

Genre: Mystery, Young Adult Fiction


The story unfolds when May meets a new friend, Libby, in the fifth grade. They become best friends. Both of them create an imaginary character called Princess X. She fights monsters and ghosts from her haunted house, high atop a hill. Three years later, Libby passes away in a car accident, and Princess X dies with her. Two years later, May discovers that her friend's death was faked, and Libby actually got kidnapped. Now it is up to her and Trick, her partner, to solve this intriguing mystery using a webcomic.


The theme of my story is "never lose hope". This is because, in my book, the main character, May, didn't give up on her belief that her best friend was still alive.

Why I enjoyed this book?

I enjoyed this book a lot because while it was based on solving a case of faked murder, It also had a little humor. The characters' personalities are very relate-able and I feel like there was a lot of character development in the story. This book also had little comics to help the reader visualize the plot. In all, I would give this book a 4/5.

Who I would recommend this book to?

I would recommend this book to people who enjoy a good mystery.


May: Main character of this book. She is trying to rescue her best friend, Libby, who was kidnapped.

Trick: Trick is the second main character of this book. He is very tech savvy and always helps May decipher the riddles laid out for them, this in order to find May’s best friend’s “murderer”.

Libby: Libby is May’s best friend. She is the one that May and Trick are searching for. She is very important in this story because she is the one that gives May and Trick clues about where she is located, using the comics she and May drew when they were kids.

Where Can I Buy This Book From?

You can buy the book at:

Barnes and Noble (Paperback: $6.70; Hardcover: $12.02)

Amazon (Paperback: $6.70; Hardcover: $13.29)

(I bought my paperback copy of the book from the Scholastic Book Fair last year for $7.99)