1st Grade at Bear Creek Elementary

Week 31: May 10 - 14, 2021

Happy Monday families!


Due to STAAR testing for grades 3-5 taking place Tuesday & Wednesday.

No small group will be held Wednesday from 11:25am-11:40am.

We will have a modified schedule, listed below.

8:10am - 8:40am - Morning Meeting

8:45am - 9:00am - Math Block

9:00am - 9:15am Math Q & A (Optional)

9:30am - 10:15am - Special Areas

10:20am - 10:40am ELAR Block

10:40am - 11:15 ELAR Q & A (Optional)

11:20am - 11:40am - WOW (Optional)

11:45am - 12:05 Imagine Learning

12:10pm - 12:40 - Lunch

12:40pm - 1:10pm - Recess

1:15pm - 2:00pm Big Ideas

2:00pm - 2:30pm - BLAST

Our ABC Countdown continues! :)

Letter I: Monday - I Can't Believe We're Doing This!

Letter J: Tuesday - Joke Day Bring a joke to tell the class.

Letter K: Wednesday - Kaleidoscope, any size empty clear plastic water bottle with a lid.

Donations needed for before Wednesday:

Glitter, sequence, white cardstock, Orbeez & regular size balloons.

Letter L: Thursday - Lazy Day Bring a pillow & lovey.

Letter M: Friday - Music Day (Students can share a video of them playing an instrument).

Donations needed before Friday:

Shoe boxes, empty Kleenex boxes, uncooked beans, or rice and cheap paper plates.

Our learning goals for the week:


- I can use my knowledge of the relationship of addition and subtraction to solve subtraction facts I do not know.
- I can use manipulatives to represent numbers greater than 120.
- I can use my knowledge of place value to find numbers that are 10 more and 10 less than a given number.


- I can read and write with diphthongs ou, ow, oy, and oi.
- I can spell and write words with the (ow) sound using ou and ow and the (oy) sound using oi and oy.
- I can manipulate sounds in words.
- I can read and write high frequency words: review: answer, point, right, voice, walk, watch, where, write.
- I can read and write with quotations.

Big Ideas:

- I can explain what an inventor does.
- I can list ways that inventions help society.

Please reach out with any questions. We're always happy to help!

Have a great week.

- The First Grade Team

Miss Barbosa: monica.barbosa@austinisd.org

Mrs. Preston: karen.preston@austinisd.org